Get Certified in OHS, Quality and Environmental Management Systems

Australian Quality, Environmental and OHS Consultant Services

The AQCS Consulting service range encompasses a variety of quality, environmental and OHS consultant services, certification assistance, auditing, system management and a broad selection of business consulting and support offerings.

System Development, Implementation and Certification

We can assist you in getting AS/NZS and ISO Certified, and can also help with industry specific certification such as HACCP/CODEX Food Safety Systems. Our specialisations include:

No AQCS client has ever lost certification while retaining AQCS as their auditor, and every single client that we have recommended to proceed to certification has been successful on their first attempt.

Internal Audits and System Management

AQCS can help with your ongoing audit and system management requirements. Our internal audit service allows our clients to minimise the resources they need to commit to the maintenance of their system. Outsourcing the audit of your system to AQCS allows you to concentrate on your core business.

As experienced independent auditors we are able to able to identify how your system can be enhanced, streamline your processes, and ensure that your system is up to date and continuously improving your business. Let our environmental, quality system and OHS Consultants look over your business in a free one hour systems analysis consultation.

Some businesses also find themselves without the necessary human resources to maintain and manage their quality, safety or environmental systems whilst running their own business. The AQCS System Management Service can help. We step into the breach and relieve you of the need to manage and maintain the system, as well as ensuring that you retain your certification.

Tender and Prequalification

By making sure you’re prequalified for all the best opportunities, you should experience an increase in your tender success rate. If you aren’t prequalified for large corporate or state government work, or you don’t have a consistent success rate with your tenders then we strongly recommend enquiring about AQCS tender and prequalification services.

Other Services

Gap analysis, risk analysis and management, employment and industrial relations, business continuity planning and more. To learn more about our small to medium sized business solutions contact us.

Holistic Small and Medium Sized Business Solutions
The road to successful business growth is filled with potholes and more than a few dead ends. AQCS is there to pave the way and provide you with an effective roadmap. Call (02) 9973 2143 for enquiries or contact us online to book a session with our safety, environmental and quality management systems consultants for Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide businesses.

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