4801 and ISO 45001 Systems

4801 and ISO 45001 Systems


The need for WHS Management Systems in Australia

The law makes business owners responsible for health and safety in the workplace, which is why it is so important that effective workplace health and safety management systems are introduced into and continuously monitored in all businesses. WHS systems mitigate risks that may negatively impact the health, safety or welfare of individuals in the workplace.

But WHS Management Systems don’t just apply to only employees – instead, WHS needs to also include customers, visitors, volunteers, suppliers and contractors. Anyone coming into your workplace becomes your responsibility which is why it is so important to meet WHS obligations. In addition to safety, effective WHS promotes employee productivity, aids staff retention, and reduces the costs of injury and relevant workers’ compensation premiums.

The introduction of the ISO 45001 WHS System

ISO 45001 is a workplace health and safety management system that will eventually replace the aging AS/NZS 4801 compliance standard. The versatility of this new standard allows for it to be implemented by any organisation, regardless of business scope or size, in addition to being able to be used in conjunction with other systems. In addition to providing crucial knowledge, a ISO 45001 WHS management system can assist in discharging your legal requirements related to workplace health and safety.

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