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Our Other Services


Workplace Relations, Risk Management Services and more

Get a broad range of business solutions with AQCS. With a wide variety of industry experience, in-depth management and consulting knowledge and ongoing tailored solutions, we’re able to bring a number of benefits to your business.

Risk Management and Compliance Services

AQCS provides specialist consultancy services to assess both internal and external business risks, and report on the compliance levels and effectiveness of your current risk management and prevention practices.

This lets you identify the gaps between your practice and the potential or actual risks to your business, and thereby allows you to manage, reduce, and where applicable eliminate the risk and consequences of potential or actual non-compliance by your business in the areas of:

  • Statutory and other applicable Regulatory requirements
  • Industry-specific requirements, Codes of Practice and risks
  • Customer and contract specific requirements and risks

Do you have a good understanding of the risks your business faces on a day-to-day basis? There are a number of legal and commercial risks and hazards that many companies will face at some point. Being fully prepared for them, and implementing the appropriate systems, can help minimise their effect. AQCS can assist you in identifying these risks and analyse your current and ongoing exposure to them.

AQCS’ risk management services include:

  • Hazard or risk analysis and assessment to determine what OHS, environmental or other hazards and risks your staff and business are facing.
  • Risk management amelioration and prevention procedures to minimise the chance of future issues.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
  • Compliance programs to minimise legal regulatory and commercial risks.

It’s strongly recommended that you consider your business’ vulnerabilities and take all appropriate steps to protect yourself.

Employment and Industrial Relations

With over 25 years of experience in the field of Employment and Industrial Relations (EIRS) practice and law, AQCS is well equipped to tackle the complex issues that can arise in this area. Unfortunately, even large businesses often lack the skills and expertise to prevent the problems that can arise as a result of failing to adequately put in place the necessary documentation and arrangements that would have prevented an unfair or unlawful dismissal claim, a discrimination or harassment claim, the theft and misuse of valuable confidential information or a current or ex-employee setting up in competition against them.

These are complex problems, and as such require tailored solutions, documentation, proof of practice and a comprehensive series of arrangements to protect you against any potentially problematic industrial relations issues.

AQCS is experienced in drafting and implementing the following industrial relations policies, procedures and contracts to protect your business:

  • Equal Opportunity Policies and Procedures
  • Anti-Discrimination and Victimisation Policies and Procedures
  • Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures
  • Internet Usage Policies and Procedures
  • Certified Enterprise Agreements for all staff
  • Staff Employment Contracts
  • Management Employment Contracts
  • Deeds of Protection of Confidential Information
  • Deeds to Reasonably Restrain Trade and Competition

Our EIRS service is unique in that although it is aimed at protecting your business against unscrupulous actions and claims by employees, it is also designed to ensure equity between the employer and employee, thereby encouraging an open and productive workplace whilst also satisfying legal and regulatory requirements.

If you currently, or at some point in the future, find yourself facing a claim from a current or former employee, AQCS is ready, willing and able to help by either mediating a cost-effective settlement or assisting you in defending against the claim.

As a professional and independent consulting firm, AQCS will naturally handle all industrial relations issues with the utmost discretion. You are guaranteed absolute impartiality, discretion and a high level of relevant experience.

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