Prequalification & Tender Assistance

Prequalification & Tender Assistance


Prequalification, Tender Assistance and EOI Services

Are you looking to improve your business’ tender success rate?

These lucrative opportunities can be extremely valuable, and it’s important that you submit each tender and expression of interest (EOI) to the very best of your abilities. AQCS can make sure you’re prequalified where necessary, that you meet all quality, environmental and safety requirements, and that your EOIs are a good reflection of your business’ strengths. Remember:

  • Failed tenders cost time and money, and net nothing.
  • Failure to prequalify renders you ineligible for many opportunities.
  • A poor EOI can damage your reputation and restrict your growth potential.
The AQCS Advantages

AQCS is an excellent choice for tender assistance and EOI services.

Objective-Focused: We work towards tangible results, and feel that our job isn’t complete until they are achieved.

Ongoing Assistance: Whether you’re eying a particularly promising contract and are looking to achieve short term goals, or want to enjoy the long-term benefits of a partnership with AQCS’s industry experts, we can assist you every step of the way.

Tailored Solutions: Different businesses require different approaches. We listen to your needs, and turn our own cross-industry experience towards identifying the most practical solution.

About Prequalification

Prequalification goes hand in hand with your company’s credentials and certification. For example, most government contracts are not available to applicants who do not have ISO 9001: 2015, AS 4801: 2001 and ISO 14001:2015 management systems (quality, safety and environmental, respectively).
Therefore, if you don’t have these systems, your business will not prequalify and won’t be considered. Similarly, many private corporations also have prequalification schemes, and will ignore tenders that come from contractors without the appropriately certified systems.

  • Don’t waste resources on tenders for jobs you aren’t prequalified for.
  • Ensure that your business is eligible for a wider range of opportunities.

AQCS prequalification services can help.

Creating an Outstanding EOI

Sending an effective expression of interest can make a sizable difference. The correct use of clear data-based points and a tailored presentation that directly address the request’s requirements can help your EOI stand out. AQCS has a range of industry experts with the right knowledge to put your business in the foreground.

  • An exceptionally strong EOI can make you an immediate front-runner.
  • Every single EOI represents your business. Not doing it to a high standard can jeopardise your reputation.

Contact AQCS for tender, prequalification and EOI services.

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