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Quality, Environmental and Safety Audits and more

It is a mandatory requirement of the quality, environmental, safety, risk and compliance standards that the system be maintained through regular and periodic internal audits of the relevant system. It’s not enough to simply implement systems, they must also be maintained. For example, if you wish to remain ISO 45001 or AS/NZS 4801 WHS certified, your business needs to conduct internal safety audits to demonstrate compliance by your staff with your AS/NZS 4801 system.

AQCS’ auditing and system management services can help.

AQCS Auditing

Outsourcing the internal audit of your system to AQCS Consulting allows you to concentrate on your core business and minimise the resources needed to maintain the system. As experienced independent auditors we are able to identify how your system can be enhanced, streamline your business processes and ensure that your system is up to date and continuously improving your business.

For clients with certified systems, having an independent qualified auditor means you never have to worry about ensuring your audits are done on time, and knowing that the entire system has been audited before the certifying body arrives.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Without AQCS as your internal audit service provider, you will need to have at least two staff members who are qualified internal auditors in their own right. This is because an auditor is not able to audit their own work. If you choose to take this route, you will need to remove these staff from their normal responsibilities during audit periods. For many small and medium sized businesses, this is simply not feasible. Our internal audit service represents excellent value for money and is a far more cost-efficient alternative than training and reallocating staff to this non-core activity.

Guaranteed Results

In over 25 years, no AQCS client has ever lost their certification while retaining us as their internal auditor or QSE manager.

The Benefits of AQCS Auditing

In addition to our exceptional track record, there are a number of other benefits associated with retaining AQCS to internally audit your system.

  • Independent, externally trained and qualified professionals offering you feedback on how your management system and business is performing.
  • Improved levels of management system compliance by staff as a result of being regularly monitored by an independent external party.
  • Our audit service means you will not have to divert precious time, resources and staff away from customer service and generating income.
  • Your audits are conducted at the same time each year, providing regularity and valuable management information for use with and integration into your own performance review and improvement processes.
  • Our audit service means you will never experience problems in satisfying the certifying body as to the qualifications or independence of your auditors, the reporting of your results or the methodology of your audits.
  • Our independent role provides senior management with an objective means of tracking staff performance and compliance with operating procedures.
  • Our audits help drive a continuous improvement cycle within your business, and enable ongoing development and growth.
  • Our cross-industry experience and insights from other businesses are applied by our consultants during your audit to assist continuous business improvement.
System Management Service

Many businesses need to demonstrate to their customers that they have quality, environmental or safety management systems, but are unable to divert the necessary human resources to ensure staff compliance and manage their system. In other cases, businesses might find themselves without the resources needed to simultaneously run their business and their system, regardless of whether or not their system is certified.

If you find yourself in either position, AQCS’ system management service is a good solution with numerous advantages.

  • We ensure preventive actions are implemented and effective in addressing actual or potential non-conformance issues in both the system and with staff.
  • We will conduct your internal audits.
  • We liaise with your certification body and provide full support during certification, surveillance and customer audits.
  • We ensure the system is producing relevant and meaningful management information, and maintain the necessary records.
  • We help establish key performance indicators and ensure that they are monitored and reported on.
  • We conduct and document the management reviews of your system.
  • We ensure that your system, and therefore your business, is continuously improving.

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