3806 and ISO 19600 Compliance Systems

3806 and ISO 19600 Compliance Systems


ISO 19600 Compliance Systems Australia-wide

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission encourages busninesses to implement a compliance system in order to:

  • Identify and reduce the risk of breaching the Competition and Consumer Act (CCA)
  • Remedy any breach that may occur
  • Create a culture of compliance within the organisation.

The newly designed ISO 19600 standard is intended as a means to provide guidance for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining and improving compliance management. This is chiefly to ensure that organisations are able to validate their own compliance systems and benchmark against recognised industry standards.

Getting your organisation up to speed

ISO 19600 is the replacement to AS/NZS 3806 for compliance systems. It remains a highly flexible framework, and can be applied to any organisation, regardless of size, industry, risk exposure or international reach. The flexibility of the system also ensures adaptability with regards to the size, nature and complexity of an organisation’s business activities.

When considering the 19600 standard, it is also worth noting that it can be implemented as a stand-alone system, or combined with other systems such as quality management and occupational health and safety management systems.

The 19600 standard is meant to be integrated into the culture of the company, ensuring that the system remains consistent and easily implemented. Accountability is also key with this revision of the standard and by understanding who is responsible for communicating compliance policies and procedures and to whom means better and more effective risk management outcomes are achieved by the organisation.

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